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cMoe is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, we depend on donations to help us meet our needs! YOU can help! Check out our wish list below. We also have a list for skilled labor needs. For specific questions about our wish list or labor needs, call our Education Department at (812) 464-2663, ext. 223 or e-mail us

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cMoe Labor Needs

Deep cleaning

Plaster repair around windows

Professional mural painting

Piano repair/tuning

Re-staining of wooden stools


Misc. Wish List

Baby Wipes

Children's Books (New or Used)

Construction Paper (variety of colors)

Dry erase markers and erasers

Educational games, puzzles, or toys

Glue/Glue sticks

Printing Paper

Washable markers

Air-dry clay

Costumes for dress-up



Office Supplies (tape, rubber bands, push pins, etc.)

Paper plates and towels

Plastic cutlery

Plastic recyclables (such as plastic bottles, etc.)

Plastic storage bags, any size (such as Ziploc)



Shirts, button-up (for children to use as smocks)

Shoe boxes or similarly sized boxes

Tape (any type—clear, masking, duct tape, etc.)

Tissue Paper

Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls

Washable paint



Bottom Rounded Corners