Tips for Visitors


The cMoe staff, commonly called Play Guides wants your trip to cMoe to be an enjoyable one.  We offer the following tips to make your experience the best it can be:

  • cMoe exhibits and galleries are to be explored together. Engage with your child; you’ll be surprised by what you both learn!  Whether it is digging for gold in the Construction Zone, or making a transaction at The Big Bank, exploring with your child is a large part of the cMoe experience.
  • Take your time when exploring each exhibit.  Make sure you allow enough time to play with everything in the museum. Help your child make the most of their cMoe time by reading any signage around the museum and then sharing this information with them.
  • Each floor offers handicap accessible restrooms and a diaper changing area.
  • And finally, the Play Guides are here to help you. Please ask a member of our staff if you have any questions. They are here to make sure you and your child are experiencing cMoe in a safe, meaningful, and fun way.
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