Frequently Asked Questions

Does cMoe have a gift shop?

The cMoe Store offers fun gifts for you and your family! Gifts can be purchased anytime cMoe is open. All proceeds from the cMoe Store directly benefit the mission of the museum.

How do I make a contribution to the Children's Museum?

To contribute to the Children's Museum, you may send a check made payable to:

P.O. Box 122
Evansville, IN, 47701

or contact cMoe at 812-464-cMoe (2663), ext. 230.

Is cMoe closed for any major holidays?

Yes, cMoe is closed for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Easter, The 4th of July, and Memorial Day.

cMoe is typically closed on Mondays year-round. However, on special Monday holidays, cMoe is sometimes open - please call 812-464-cMoe (2663) for holiday exceptions.

Is cMoe handicap accessible?

cMoe is accessible for all guests; the front door has no stairs leading to it and an elevator is waiting to take you to all of the floors. Accessible restrooms are available on all public floors of the museum. If you have any questions about accessibility prior to your visit, please call 812-464-cMoe. Should any questions arise during your visit at cMoe, please see a cMoe Play Guide who will be wearing a blue apron with the cMoe logo and a name badge.

Should I bring anything special to the Children's Museum?

We recommend that you consider bringing a change of clothes for your child (and perhaps yourself!) if you plan to allow your child to play in the water of Wet Deck.

cMoe does offer a family dining area on the 3rd floor (Part Room 1, Party Room 2, Spark Plug) should you want to pack snacks or a lunch. These dining areas may be closed during field trips or for private birthday parties. Please check with the front desk Play Guide to verify the dining area is open during your next visit.

What amenities does cMoe have?

In addition to the terrific galleries and exhibits at cMoe, we also offer:

  • The cMoe Store (see information above)
  • Coat Racks
  • Lockers
  • Stroller Parking Area
  • Drink vending machine and space (with tables for families to enjoy their snacks and meals)
  • Close proximity to downtown restaurants and shops.
Where do I park when I visit cMoe?

Parking is available at various time increments on the streets surrounding cMoe. A public garage is also located across the street for parking.

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