Map of Galleries & Exhibits


First Floor

Freedom Gallery
The focus of the Freedom Gallery is freedom of expression. Housing a performance space where groups and individuals can bring imaginations and stories to life, the exhibit also features the words of children as they express what freedom means to them.  The Freedom Gallery aslo plays host to Traveling Exhibits.

Quack Factory - Wet Deck
Bubbling, gurgling, swirling. rising - water flows through this exhibit in amazing ways. Send your duck around the basin or see if it can survive the nearby lock system. Create your own sprouting masterpiece out of pipes and if it springs a leak, try again! A space visually connected to the Upper Deck of the Quack Factory, guests will certainly get wet!

Work Smart
Roll up your sleeves and get busy, because Work Smart is a place where you can build things and take things apart! Exhibits give visitors an inside view of the technical and mechanical side of our world. A sampling of the exhibit activities include opportunities to build and race a car,  use the backhoe in Moe's Construction Zone, estimate weight and deconstruct a variety of tools and objects.


Second Floor

Live Well
The Live Well Gallery focuses on providing information to build health literacy and personal responsibility for wellness. Children learn to Eat Well in the Rainbow Bistro, Play Well on the Carrot Climber, Stay Well while learning about their bodies in the Well Check Clinic, be SunSmart on the beach and become roving reporters in the WBWL TV Station.

Speak Loud
Children naturally gravitate toward the creative arts in their every day play. The Speak Loud exhibit encourages children, among other activities, to dramatize a familiar story, play instruments from around the world, create an artistic masterpiece and express their feelings through music, drama, and the visual arts.

Quack Factory - Upper Deck
Meet cMoe’s favorite duck and mascot “Moe” as every visitor has a role to play in feeding the Great Duck Machine. Visitors are “workers” and each have a task as balls and ducks are hoisted, dropped, launched and pushed. Guests learn that when we work together – great things happen!


Third Floor

Fantastic Plastics
Learn how plastics are made by creating with recycled plastic, drawing on the Lexan panels and learning about uses in your world!

Kid's World
Travel across the world to explore Evansville's three sister cities!

ArtMaker Studios
Mixes a traditional art studio, wood shop, and science lab into one space.

Event Rooms
Celebrate your birthday with us or join us for innovative camps, workshops and demonstrations! The third floor will be your next destination for dynamic experiences beyond the exhibit floors.


For reservations or information about birthday parties or events call the Office Manager at (812) 464-2663, ext. 230.

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