Volunteer at cMoe!

Interested in volunteering at cMoe?

cMoe is in need of Summer Camp Teen volunteers. We ask that teens commit an entire week for at least one week during the summer, be 14 years old or older and attend an orientation at the beginning of the summer.

We are currently looking for volunteers with daytime availability who have experience working with children and who are willing to commit to monthly volunteering. This is an ideal opportunity for retired teachers, childcare professionals, etc.

For more information, please contact Ashley McReynolds, Director of Marketing and Outreach, at [email protected] or at (812) 464-2663, ext. 228.


Additional cMoe Volunteer Projects:

Commercial seamstress for Stuffee repair
Creative designs/displays for front windows
Custom-made shelving to fit gift shop
Museum Cleaning
Plaster repair around windows
Piano repair/tuning
Professional mural painting
Re-staining of wooden stools
Sanding/painting of a wooden bench

Volunteer Application (APPLICATION - Volunteer with added info.pdf)

Volunteer Releasse Form (Volunteer Release.pdf)

Background Check Form (Release-Form-11.18.2015.pdf)

Teen Counselor Application (2017 Teen Counselor Application.pdf)

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