cMoe Summer Camps


Spark those curious minds and imaginations this summer at the Children’s Museum of Evansville (cMoe!) cMoe camps offer quality experiences and are led by certified teachers. In addition to the weekly themed activities, campers have daily exploration time in our museum. All full-day camps are available to children entering 1st-7th grade for the 2015-16 school year. To register, call (812) 464-2663, ext. 230!

When I Grow Up - July 6-10

What do you want to be - a doctor or firefighter? How about a veterinarian? Professional athlete? Chef or news reporter? Explore your career dreams this week! Learn how to give a check-up. Get tips for becoming a cartoonist. Learn what it takes to work at cMoe and design a new exhibit. Meet a stand-up comedian, local newscaster, and more! With guest speakers, field trips, projects, and more, you’ll leave the week ready to explore a whole world of new careers!

Themes: Science, Art, Engineering, Language Arts

cMoe Undercover - July 13-17

Who would dare sabotage cMoe’s beloved exhibits? That’s up to you to find out! Exhibit after exhibit keeps breaking down, and it seems that someone … or something … is behind it! To catch the criminal, you’ll have to become a forensic expert, learning all about fingerprinting, crime scenes, and more! Plus, you’ll get an all-access pass to a behind-the-scenes look at what makes cMoe tick. We’ll need all the help we can get to put the guilty party on trial!

Themes: Chemistry, Biology, Technology, Language Arts

Mad Science Lab - July 20-24 ***SOLD OUT***

Grab the lab coat and glasses - it’s time to head to the mad science lab! Blow giant bubbles bigger than your head! Grow a garden - made of crystals! Play and paint with fizz and color as we study chemical reactions. Grow plant “hair” for a new friend! See amazing demonstrations by real scientists in our community! From soap clouds and slime to wacky inventions and a physics-defying teeter-totter, we’ll hypothesize and experiment with hands-on biology, chemistry, physics, and more!

Themes: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Time Detectives - July 27-31

Pyramids and pirate ships, castles and cattle drives! Travel through time on the heels of the super-villain who’s been destroying history! Use your archaeology skills to discover the ins and outs of Trojan horses, Viking ships, the Great Wall of China, and more! Recover stolen artifacts, and recreate some of your own. Meet historic heroes who will send you clues along the way – it’s up to you to save the history of the world as we know it!  

Themes: History, Culture, Art history, Engineering, Language Arts

Art Asks, Design Answers - August 3-7

Artists ask questions and designers answer, but who says you can’t be both? Learn color theory and line with outrageous projects as you become a graphic designer. Create sculptures using basic shapes to try out your architecture skills! Design a beautiful garden, then see it created in real life! Make a fashionable outfit for a duck or dino! Finally, design your dream cMoe gallery to practice interior design, and we’ll collect our ideas in an anthology to inspire future cMoe exhibits!

Themes: Art, Art history, Design, Engineering



Children ages 3-6 can experience camp in a safe, structured, FUN environment facilitated by experienced educators. Mini-camps run from 9 a.m.—12 p.m. and include hands-on activities, games, stories, a snack, and daily exploration time in the museum! Cost for the week is  $50 for cMoe members, $60 for non-members.

Wild About Animals - July 6-10 ***SOLD OUT***

Do you love furry or feathered friends? Or how about friends slimy or scaly? We’ll learn about animals, wild and domestic, during this hair-raising week. Learn about habitats, food chains, caring for pets, animal babies, and more! We’ll even meet a few real animal friends! 

Tell Me a Story - July 13-17 ***SOLD OUT***

Stories will come alive during this week of classic children’s books. We won’t just read stories – we’ll act them out, make stories of our own, play games, and make take-home projects! If you love to pretend, imagine, dream, and laugh, this is a week for you!

Mad Science Lab, Jr.- July 20-24 ***SOLD OUT***

Grab the lab coat and glasses - it’s time to head to the mad science lab! Blow giant bubbles bigger than your head! Play and paint with fizz and color. Grow plant “hair” for a new friend! From soap clouds and “gak”, we’ll hypothesize and experiment with hands-on biology, chemistry, life sciences, and more!

Full Day Camp Registration Flier (cMoe CAMP flyer.pdf)

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